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In 2002, just twenty five years after "The Hit" (Cor baby that’s really free 1977), John Otway again broke into the Top Ten with Bunsen Burner.


In the intervening years, John has worked hard to become "The greatest live act in the world". John performs a solo set, and with The Big Band. He has also toured with people like Attila The Stockbroker.


Otway has over the years gained a solid fan base, who often engage in minor publicity stunts. A well orchestrated campaign saw his "Beware Of The Flowers Cause I'm Sure They're Going To Get You Yeah" voted the seventh greatest lyric of all time in a BBC poll.



Otway Live


Otway seems to have three main acts - Solo, with Willy, and with the Big Band. All three are distinctly different, and I can’t say that I have a favourite. They are all fantastic. The gig at Hartlepool was John and Wild Willy, and as usual they did a fantastic set. Amazing how it always seems fresh, even though I have seen them many times.


Stevie P was watching for the first time and was an instant convert. Loved the wheely Bin, and the songs just get better. And its all done with such fantastic humour.

Another great night.

Just Better and Better

Fibbers York 25 January / The Waiting Room 1 April


Sometimes it just all works. Otway came on stage, and instantly captured the audiences hearts. The set followed a familiar path, but the chemistry between artist and audience was, as always instantaneous.


Otway played a solo set, no big band, no Richard - he doesn’t need them. A great artist doing what he does bestLost count of how many times I've seen Otway over the last 25 years - It doesn’t matter, cause all Otway gigs are great, but this one was the best - It simply does not get any better than this - then it did.....


The Waiting Room - Eaglescliffe - John doesn't do that many gigs round this neck of the woods (North East), so we naturally jumped at the chance to see him again - even if it was at a veggie restaurant. The venue was nice, but very small (with a capital V - and S for that matter).This made things better - John is always at his best when he interacts with his fans - and the audience , although small (the room was still packed) were mainly Otway supporters.


The organic cider flowed, and the set was typically excellent. John played two sets , and played some excellent songs, not just the usual stuff , but several songs that he doesn't often play.As it says at the top of this piece - Just Better and better in 2007. I came along with my daughter and her friend - who had not seen or heard of Otway before -both are now fans - just goes to show that John appeals to such a wide audience

John Otway