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 Dave and Nick doing a bit of marshalling


The TT messes with your head. Bog awful ferries, not much sleep, too much (pure by law!!) IOM beer, the noise and smell of racing all come together in a heady cocktail that will blow your socks off. Relative to mundane normal life it’s just another world. Why isn’t life always like this ? - because you’d burn out inside a month? Mind it would be one hell of a month..

It is however, more than ever in this strange modern world, one place that anyone into bikes must go at least once. Trouble is, once you’ve been you will need to go back at some point.
The TT is like entering a whole new kingdom. Bikes and their owners are made welcome, and everything is geared up for bikers. It’s not an artificial “Tourist world” either, these people genuinely look forward to their beautiful island being invaded each year by  60,000 leather clad bikers.
There is something for everyone. Race reps abound, Harley “Live to Ride” types, and old codgers on Brit Bikes. Every conceivable make and model can be found somewhere on the island.

 The Joey Dunlop Foundation

Then there is the island itself, beautiful, and mostly unspoiled by acres of “New Homes” that have blighted the mainland. Transport – Well you can ride your bike over the most famous piece of tarmac in the world, or turn off the course and you have miles of country lanes to play with; You also have a fantastic choice of alternatives; Horse drawn tram, steam and electric railways.
Normal life is put on hold for your stay at the TT. Watch the greatest road racers on the most famous race track in the world. Bray hill, Union Mills, The Creg, just breathe in the history and the atmosphere.

Olivers Mount - scarborough

 Chromo looking cool ...

The TT is fantastic, but its a right chew to get too, with ferries etc. There is however, one place on the mainland where you savour the pleasures of real road racing.

Tucked away on the Yorkshire Coast is Oliver’s Mount, a closed road circuit, which holds race meetings about three times a year.

 Start / Finish line
The spectating is awesome, up close and personal with many varied points to watch from. If you are used to the sort of long distance viewing you get at places like Donington Park you will be amazed.
At most meetings you get a good selection of the stars of the road, like John McGuinness and Ryan Farquar.  Make a weekend of it, camp at the circuit or make use of the many friendly Hotels that Scarborough has to offer.
The meetings are run by the AUTO 66 CLUB, which organize an annual program of motorcycle Road Race meetings and  Speed Hill Climbs.

 Beautiful MV Agusta
This is what the web site has to say..  "If you've never watched the close-up, action-packed racing through the beautiful wooded parkland at Oliver's Mount, give it a try. There’s no greater thrill for a race fan than to see race bikes brushing the banking only yards away from where you stand  - you can leave the binoculars at home !.