Motorcycles and Otway
Beware of the Flowers

Hello, and welcome to the web presence of  Beware of the Flowers 

Beware Of The Flowers are a group of motorcycling individualists who are all great fans of the man, we believe to be the  worlds greatest live music act. Non other than Mr John Otway - the inspiration behind the name of the club.
We have all been riding Bikes and enjoying the lifestyle that goes along with it for many years. Basically the club came about when one of our number came to the conclusion that the two things that have stayed with us from the early years are the joys of Bikes and John Otway - The worlds greatest live performer.
If you have never seen John play live, do yourself a favour and find a gig near you. He is without doubt the worlds greatest live entertainer. Details are on his web site. You will not be disappointed. Otway gig’s constantly, all over the country. Check out his website for details.

Club Photo from this years Bunkhouse Meet

Classic Race meet at Croft

Club History

The Club’s Hard Core are basically just a group of friends who met in school (sad, given that we are now well into our fifties). The club has recently expanded with lots of new members, who are for some reason nearly all called Steve. Some of these members are “Otway virgins” but we are working on that!

It all started during the seventies when we were still all at school. The joys of comprehensive education were overtaken (for me at least) when I obtained my shiny new(read old and rusty) Honda SS50.

 My first Otway gig was a little time later at Durham. This gig was unusual in that you could only get in with a copy of John’s latest single.


Old Hill Inn - Ingleton 

Over the years we have taken part in the full gambit of biking activities, from race meeting’s all over Europe to rallies and shows etc. We had a passion for 24 hour races at one point, although more recently we have taken to the rally scene.

The TT has also been a regular part of our activities. While GP’s are fantastic on the telly, there’s nothing to beat real road racing action. We even had a go at racing. Well to be honest we took part in an eight hour moped endurance race. Never been so frightened in my entire life.